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September 16, 2004 Leave a comment

 As promised here is a followup review of the service. 

The Mail Experience:

I created my ZipList on a Thursday afternoon, and by Monday I had received my 4 DVD selections in the mailbox.  Each DVD came in a thin paper envelope, pictured below.  To open the envelope, you break the 4 circular stickers that are holding it closed on the top and bottom edges.

The mailer

Opening the envelope reveals another pocket inside, which contains the actual DVD you’ve ordered.  Instructions on the envelope clearly state how to reuse this carrier for returning the DVD as well.  Notice that the return envelope is pre-stamped (odd that this is actually a traditional stamp and not a bulk-mail preprinted envelope). mailer, opened

The DVD itself is in a slightly more durable vinyl jacket, with movie details printed on the front. mailer, DVD showing

I returned my first movie on Tuesday afternoon, depositing it in my friendly neighbourhood mailbox.  I live in the Toronto area, and the DVD needs to travel back to Ottawa so I had expected that this would take a few days to get back to them.  On Thursday morning (1.5 days later) they acknowledged receipt of the movie and sent out my next title, which was the title I had marked “ASAP” (Jersey Girl in case you’re wondering).  Wow, that’s good service! website, My Ziplist


This is a service that I really like and will continue to use.  The web site is well-done, the service itself is prompt, and the process is brain-less.  As mentioned in part 1 of the review, I will most likely switch to their $19 plan, which allows you to have 2 DVDs checked out at any given time.

I’ve sent along a few suggestions for improvement to the web interface, but they are all small items that I think will get rectified quite easily with time. 

Based on my experiences, I would recommend the service (and I’ll let you know if that opinion changes).

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