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New TV Season 2013

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It’s that time of year, when the broadcast TV industry showcases their latest wares and we the general public get to play a massive game of “hot or not”.  Inevitably there will some winners, many losers, and some shows that fall in the middle. 

In our household, the annual event ends in new series that get a coveted spot on the PVR for one of either myself, Jodie, or sometimes both of us to watch.  Those that end up currying favour with only one of us go into the “when Pete’s on a plane” rotation.  My coworker Paul insisted, I say again insisted, that I post the ongoing results to the blog.  Hover over the thumbs for short commentary.


Premiere Date Show



September 16 Sleepy Hollow Meh, could be entertaining on my next business trip. Sleepy, and hollow.
September 17 Dads Went into this with very low expectations, it wasn't as bad as I expected.  Probably won't stick with it though, it's not that good. We'll see...
September 17 Brooklyn 99

Acting so bad, it could be on the CBC

Really bad SNL skit.

September 20 Last Man Standing

Elevator pitch: Let's remake Home Improvement, but make it terrible.  Yeah, let's do that!

It just... sucks

September 23 Hostages

No way this deserves to be a series.  Maybe a direct to DVD movie... maybe.

Good idea for a movie, not a TV series

September 23 Mom

Not my thing

September 23 The Blacklist

Upgraded, I've decided I like this oneUpgraded, I've decided I like this one

September 24 Agents of Shield

Big fan, like the premise and the not-too-serious tone of the show.Big fan, like the premise and the not-too-serious tone of the show.

Yeah, Jodie didn't even watch it but I'm confident in the thumbs down rating.

September 24 Trophy Wife    
September 24 Lucky 7

And... canceled

And... canceled

September 24 The Goldbergs    
September 25 Back in the Game Just didn't grab me  
September 26 The Michael J Fox Show

Hmm, this one's on the bubble now.  Will probably keep watching because of my work connection to Betsy Brandt.

Michael J Fox still looks the same as he did in my BOP magazine

September 26 The Crazy Ones

Too much Robin Williams being... Robin Williams

September 27 Masterchef Junior

Big Masterchef fans, and wow are these kids good!Big Masterchef fans, and wow are these kids good!

These kids can cook! Makes me hungry.These kids can cook! Makes me hungry.

September 30 We Are Men    
October 2 Ironside    
October 2 Super Fun Night Super dumb night
October 3 Welcome to the Family    
October 3 The Millers And, no. And, no.
October 3 Sean Saves the World Holy laugh track Batman! Holy laugh track Batman!
November 4 Almost Human  

It hasn't even aired yet, and it's a thumbs down from Jodie.

November 8 Enlisted    



Thumbs_Up_Down – Yeah, that’s not happening.  Delete!

Thumbs_Up_Down – Okay, I’ll give it a few more episodes to earn its keep

Thumbs_Up_DownThumbs_Up_Down – This could be a keeper!


You’ll note some shows that are missing, and they’re likely in one of these “not a chance we’re gonna watch that” categories:

  • Anything to do with vampires (there are a few)
  • Spinoff of something that we don’t watch
  • Premium cable only (we cut the cable years ago)
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