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Day Two in Hyderabad

Today I was able to visit the office, which is in a special economic zone in Hi-Tech City.  To get into the area, you need to pass through three security checkpoints and show your ID.  If you tell them you’re going to Vignette none of the security guards will understand, it is pronounced VIGG-NET-EE by the locals (except of course for those who work at Vignette).  The office is really nicely done, bright with lots of colour and agile workspaces for the development teams.  I’ll try to take some pictures tomorrow.  We spent most of the day in product reviews and roadmap overviews, the former being incredibly valuable to me to see some of our product integrations coming together nicely and the latter being an excellent opportunity for conversation.

We went out for lunch and for dinner, both times oddly enough we had Indian food.  I’ve had paneer at every single sitting so far, which I’m not complaining about.  I’ve never meet a paneer I didn’t like!  At lunch I promised I’d follow up my tweet “Eating something, not quite sure what it is, for dessert. One is custard-looking, one green like coleslaw, the other an off-white square.”  And here it is…

For dinner we went to a restaurant which was a perfect opportunity for tasting different items, with several small servings of different Indian dishes.  All of the dishes were vegetarian, which reminds me of an interesting quirk I noted in the restaurants.  Unlike North American restaurants where everything is meat-a-licious except for the tiny vegetarian section of the menu, most menus I’ve seen here have a small “non-vegetarian” section.  My coworkers are still trying to convert me, and I keep trying to tell them how much wrapping vegetables in bacon enhances the flavour!  Dinner began with a pitcher and bowl to wash your hands, which was a unique experience. 

Dinner ended with Paan, which is a Betal leaf with some stuff mixed inside (I was assured that this particular one didn’t have any tobacco in it, which didn’t make any sense until I got back to the hotel and read this article.)  Anyways, it was absolutely disgusting and I wound up spitting it out (picture below of the part I didn’t eat).  Outside the restaurant, I took pictures of a vendor making Paan by cutting the leaves and mixing the ingredients into the leaf before folding it up like an ice cream cone.


Some other random items from today…  The first is one of many Fresh American Sweet Corn stands, which serves a product that is neither fresh nor found in America.

And the last item for the day is yet another billboard for cement.  I’ve counted a total of five cement companies vigorously fighting for mindshare in Hyderabad.  For the record I’m a big fan of Bharathi Cement, it’s three times better you know and has robotic quality control!

Tomorrow the other Canadians arrive, I look forward to see if their observations are similar to mine and if they’ll be as adventurous.  I seem to have found a kindred spirit in Kent, a Texan who seems to like the same type of food as me (ie authentic and somewhat spicy).  Sorry about the picture quality today, it was blackberry-only as I never seemed to have my camera with me.

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