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Lakeside Beach State Park – Camping Review

We just got back from Lakeside Beach State Park, and I felt somewhat that we were taking a leap of faith because I couldn’t find any reviews of the campground before we left.  So here is my contribution to the ether, a mini-review of Lakeside Beach State Park.

Lake Ontario shoreline about 1 hour east of Niagara Falls.

The campground itself:
The camping area of the park is one of the better campgrounds I’ve stayed at.  The sites are nestled in the type of tall, mature forests that I really like with decent privacy and reliable 15amp electrical service.  If you, like me, want to make sure you’re staying in a wooded site I would recommend that you look at campground areas B, C, D, or F (sites near the main road are sunny though, beware).  The bathrooms were clean, or about as clean and well-kept as you can really expect from a campground, with free showers.  Each loop has a comfort station with two showers in the men and women’s bathroom (total of four showers for about 30 sites).  Water is available at four locations in the loop, and you can fill up on the way in if you have your own hose but cannot leave a permanent connection hooked up to the water.  As far as campgrounds go, this is the style that I generally love.

Here is where Lakeside Beach fell down, I felt like we didn’t have much of anything to do with our young children.  You can’t swim in the lake, it’s a bit of a treacherous hike down the embankment for my three-year old to even get to the lake so we decided not to head down there to try out some fishing.  There are small parks with swings and a slide in each camping area, which my kids enjoyed.  But that’s about it.  Our paid camping permit allowed us access to Hamlin Beach State Park, which was about fifteen minutes east.  At Hamlin you can actually go swimming on a beach staffed with lifeguards, and the playground area for the kids was fantastic.  Also about  five minute drive from Lakeside is a little fishing town called Point Breeze, with a small grocery store and a bait shop.  We went fishing off of the dock in the marina there and caught two sunfish and a smallmouth bass (which Katlyn got a real kick out of).

Would I go back:
In a word, no.  If you’re looking for a nice place to stop over for the night then you might enjoy Lakeside’s above-average campground.  If however you’re looking for somewhere in the area to take the kids for a weekend I’d prefer Hamlin Beach State Park.  While I didn’t get a chance to drive around the campsites there, they did look to be in a nicely wooded area as well and I would expect the facilities to be of high quality as well. 

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