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Lake Ontario State Parkway

We were in western New York for the long weekend, and came across a highway there that is just shocking to me.  Our drive right through the middle of nowhere ended at Lakeside Beach State Park, and as we pulled into the park we passed under a massive twin-span bridge that looked like it belonged to a major highway.  After checking in to the campsite, we went for an exploratory drive around the area and sure enough, those bridges belong to a four-lane divided highway with controlled access, nice solid concrete roadways and wide paved shoulders.  But where does this mystery road go?  We drove down the road for about twenty miles and it continued from the middle of nowhere to slight off center of nowhere, and I kid you not we were the only car on the road.  With visions of the jammed expressways in Ontario fresh on my mind, my only thought was “my god what a massive waste of money”. 
I consulted a map and it turns out that this highway is called th Lake Ontario State Parkway, and stretches from Rochester out to Lakeside Beach State Park.  Well I’m glad that I’m not a taxpayer in the great state of New York, or I’d be mighty angry with whoever funded this project.  I know it may not sound like much when you read about it here on my blog, but here are some other fun activities that I enjoyed on this massive highway:

  • Used it as a nice calming way to go for a drive and get the baby to go to sleep.
  • Drove from the park to the bait shop just down the road.
  • Jodie and I would have bets when were were on the highway as to how many cars we would see in any direction, the options were either one or zero
  • At one point I saw a guy on the side of the road broken down.  I pulled over to make sure he had a phone so he could call for help (wouldn’t want to be stranded out there, it’d be hours before another car might stop).  When I pulled over to talk, I simply stayed in the right-hand lane, slowed the car down and pulled up beside him.  After I knew he was okay I kept on going and thought to myself “wow, I just stopped in the middle of a four-lane highway to chat with some guy and didn’t even pull to the shoulder, that’ll get you killed anywhere else.”

Just astonishing!

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