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Bumpy ride at YYZ

Just because it’s shiny and new, I decided to park in the reduced rate lot at the airport today and take the new people mover over to the airport.  I had heard it was bumpy, but not sure exactly how to interpret that.  I quickly found out…
The train itself reminded me very much of the train between the Luxor, Excalibur, and Mandalay bay in Las Vegas with multiple small cabins and a few seats.  There is a station at the parking lot on Viscount, at Terminal 3 and Terminal 1 (terminal 2 is not serviced because there are plans to tear it down once T1 can handle the traffic).  The stations are very nice and the gap between the floor and the trains is miniscule, the smallest I’ve ever seen.  The train quickly accelerates and then hits the open track.  This is where the bumps start, it’s almost like they forgot to grind out the joins in the track or more probably they didn’t smooth out the transitions between track sections with bends in them.  Maybe this will get better over time as the train itself grinds down the tracks, but then again I’m not sure how comfortable I’ll be riding a train 100 feet in the air that has ground down its own track.  Something about that seems less “tight” than I would want.
I’ve ridden people movers at airports all across North America, that atrocity in Detroit, the sweet free tram in Miami, and as mentioned the trans in Las Vegas and this is by far the bumpiest I’ve been on. 

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  1. August 18, 2006 at 12:11 pm

    Very bump ride indeed, I read newspaper reports about how bumpy the people mover at the toronto airport was, but didn’t know it was that bumpy when I went for a ride two weeks ago..
    You definately have to hold on to the handrails or sit down or else you’ll fallover..
    All in all, not a bad quick ride between the two terminals and the parking lot.

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