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You have to be kidding me – sick again?

The last time I went to a north american sales meeting in Minneapolis, I wound up sick as a dog with literally a mountain of kleenex at my conference table.  It got so bad that I had to pass on the evening dinner and socializing.  I’m heading back out to Minneapolis tomorrow (technically I guess it would be today) and wouldn’t you know it I’m up at 1:45am unable to sleep due to sinus pain.  Jodie picked up a sinus cold yesterday and it would appear that she had just enough time to pass it to me so that I look like a huge tool in front of my peers again. 
Right now it’s just an annoying tingle, and I hit it with the full complement of drugs tonight so maybe I’ll head this one off.  I will however make sure that I have the front desk send up an extra box of tissues or three when I check in at the hotel… just in case

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