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For your safety (snicker, snicker) the captain has decided to keep the seatbelt sign on

I’ve taken notice lately of all the white lies that go on when traveling by air. Most are intended to calm nerves (ie the little light on the dashboard needs to be checked out), some for no particular reason (ie no electronics allowed), and some for the convenience of the airline personnel.
The latter really irks me, and I will tell you why… It has to do with liberal use of the “seatbelt sign” in the airplane to keep control of the cabin. Now I rarely take my seatbelt off on an airplane; once I get my oversized rear end wedged into a coach class seat I find it best not to upset the balance by moving. But there are many others who would like to get up and move, or unfortunate passengers who really have to use the restroom, or parents who would like to walk the baby around for a calming stroll. Mostly I don’t appreciate the insult to the intelligence of the common traveler. Now really, do you think that I haven’t noticed that the seatbelt sign is coincidentally lit up for the entire beverage service? And coincidentally on almost every flight, both the turbulent and the smooth, it is suddenly safe to move about the cabin once the flight attendants get a chance to sit down and read the latest issue of people magazine?
Keeping the aisles clear is a reasonable thing to do, but please just say “stay seated so that we can efficiently get everyone served” rather than pretending it’s a safety issue. I imagine this has become a courtesy now between the pilots and the flight attendants and it is so commonplace that they don’t even give it a second thought. But I’m not that and don’t appreciate being treated like a three year old. Be honest, and people will be helpful but don’t bastardize safety measures for your own personal comfort. The exaggeration of truth can get a little unnerving.
“If you pee during beverage service, the terrorists win”.

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  1. August 25, 2009 at 3:25 am

    But it IS a safety issue! Just read this and you will see why:


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