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Today is an odd travel day for me. I flew from buffalo today instead of toronto for reasons that I won’t go into in this post. Crossing the border at lewiston ny, my car was searched and I had to hand the keys over to us customs as they looked in the trunk and grilled me with some questions. Now I’m actually okay with extra scrutiny because in the end the intent is to keep me and others safe. But the day got weirder…
Next I checked in at the buffalo airport and was met by a massive security line the likes of which I’ve never seen at BUF.
On our approach to minneapolis we came in parallel to another flight, which was kind of cool to watch. Everyone was looking out the window at the other plane as it matched our moves heading towards the runway, and everyone was shocked to see the other plane pull up its landing gear at the last moment and gun it towards the heavens. Our plane landed normally but taxied away from the terminal. Once again the cluster of savvy travelers sitting near me on the plane all glanced at each other with a “well this isn’t right” look as we spun around and took our position in the infield for parking.
Apparently there is no gate ready for us, so we will be hanging out here for another 20-30 minutes baking in the heat wave on the tarmac.
Overall it has been an odd day and its not quite over. Luckily I can pass the time by blogging via the crackberry. 😉

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