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Too much tech talk around the kids

I realized this weekend that you really know what you’re saying and how often until it is repeated back to you by your 3-year old.  There are two words that Katlyn just can’t stop misusing, and I’m sure it’s my fault:

  1. Email.  Over the last week, when the mail man comes Katlyn goes to the mailbox to get the mail and comes running back into the house “Daddy, daddy, you’ve got email!”.  We’ve corrected her several times but she can’t shake that word.
  2. Website.  We went camping this weekend, an activity that I particularly love because it gets me away from technology to spend time with the family.  After we arrived at the provincial park, Katlyn came out with a “Daddy, are we at our website yet?  We’re going camping at our website!”.  Again, we corrected her a few times to let her know that indeed we were camping at the campsite, but it’s been tough for her to change that word out.

It’s incredibly cute, but at the same time it’s clearly a reflection back of how I talk to her. I’m going to have to try and change that.

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