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I’m not quite dead yet… I think I’ll go for a walk

(that’s a Monty Python reference in case you missed it).

Yesterday was the final hurrah to clear out the old house.  Only a few things remained, including some pictures, lots of garbage, computer equipment, and the big fish tank.  I went into the day knowing that the fish would be the biggest job, and tried to be well prepared for the task at hand.  Jodie had gotten a new bucket with a lid, which is pretty much a requirement for moving the fish to ensure that they don’t hop out during transport.  I washed the bucket out with hot water only (soap might harm the fish) and brought it along.  The emptying and packing of the tank went much better than I had expected – it took a few trips to get everything in the van and moved over but for the most part it was finished in the morning. 

When everything was at the new house, I noticed that the fish were acting strangely in the bucket.  A few of them were laying on their sides near the bottom of the pail.  I rushed to get the tank set up and filtered because it looked like the bucket was quickly becoming toxic.  I wrestled with the filter for far to long, with the grating but innocent questions of my 3-year old daughter ringing in the background as the pump refused to start.  “Why is the water still dirty daddy, why’s the pump not working, are you going to put the fishies in daddy?” lather, rinse repeat about thirty times as my blood pressure raised to a boil.

Finally, the pump started and I got a chance to sit down for some lunch and let the blood pressure drop to more human levels than it had been at for the last hour.  We enjoyed our lunch, and then noticed that the water was clear enough now for the fish.  But uh-oh, that looks like a couple of fish upside-down in the bucket and the rest incredibly lethagic.  I scooped them out (which was much easier than scooping them in what with the whole almost-dead thing), put them in the new tank, and crossed my fingers.  Slowly but surely they all got back into shape – and were hungry for a meal by night-time.  A few of them saw the light at the end of the tunnel, but apparently decided that it wasn’t their time.  They will all live to fight another day.

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