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I really don’t like life without Media Center

As you may have read, we’ve been moving for about the last two weeks and one of the casualties of the move has bee, temporarily at least, my media center setup.  I had the whole rack setup in the basement at the old house, which was once a work of art with wires all routed propely along the wire rack, zip ties keeping everything neat, and lights blinking seemingly in unison amongst all of the equipment.  This rack housed my server, two MCE machines, a scanner, two printers, an AV receiver, and all of the networking and modulation equipment.  Unfortunately over time the work of art became a tangled mess and moving it was going to be a challenge, so I left it at the house and delayed the inevitable headache that was to be.

Yesterday I went back to the house and packed it all up, but with the basement about a week away from completion at the new house we are in no position to set it all up anew.  Instead, it looks like it will be yet another week with no media center and I’m starting to crack…  I had forgotten how bad TV can be, especially in the summer.  True, we’ve been doing enough work that television has been a low priority but I do enjoy sitting down for 30 minutes to decompress when I need to.  Those 30 minute downtimes have been a pain – there’s usually nothing on and/or it’s very difficult to find anything I want to watch, commercials are incredibly annoying, and I can’t even pop in an old movie to rewatch while barely paying attention (the movies are all either ripped on the MCE machine or the DVD collection is in a box somewhere in this house that has at least another week of unpacking to go through before we find them).

Some things annoy me about MCE, especially as I’m getting ready to completely switch over to Vista on my production machines, but being without it for a couple of weeks certainly makes me remember the little things that I love about it.

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  1. Ted
    June 24, 2006 at 11:04 pm

    I dunno, I bought an HP machine with Windows media center, and every time I go “into that world” I’m confused and have no idea what it’s supposed to do. I’d rather just use the programs in ‘regular’ XP. But I’m not using it for saving tv or anything. Just burning CDs and DVDs. The built in card reader is very handy.

  2. June 26, 2006 at 10:13 am

    Media Center is really built for the 10′ experience, in other words using the computer from the other side of the room with the remote or connecting up to a television. For performing tasks right at the keyboard, yes I can understand that it may not be the best interface.

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