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Reality of the move is kicking in

While it has been clear for some time now that we’re moving, only now is it starting to sink in on an emotional level for me.  Last night I had a moment that I knew I was going to miss from this old house.
Katlyn has a fixation on the moon – during the day she can find it in the clear blue sky and at night when she sees it glowing through the clouds she gets incredibly excited.  Over the last few days she has been asking if she can go outside with me at night to see the moon, which is something we used to do when she was really sick and needed some air.  Katlyn has always gotten really bad colds, with a high fever and croupe cough that we need to pay extra attention to due to a previous incident where a high fever led to seizures.  So, when she gets really bad and can’t sleep due to a cold I wrap her up in a blanket and we sit on the back deck together watching the stars and the moon until she feels better.  We don’t do it as often any more, because as she’s gotten older these chest colds don’t affect her so severely any more.
Being the last week in the house and a beautiful clear night, I woke her up last night so that we could go outside and see the moon.  It was a touching time – cuddling with my now big baby on the deck that I built myself in the chairs where we’d spent so much time in the past.  The stars were bright, the moon was high, and Katlyn and I were in heaven.
I’ll miss that deck – it’s a stupid thing to miss but we created alot of memories out there, many more than just the one that choked me up a bit last night.  I know, I know… there will be many more memories at the new place but like I said, the reality of moving away from the home where I raised my babies is just settling in.

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