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Carpet blisters

Normally I’d use this as a reminder of how out of shape I’m in, but this time I think that the task itself bears some responsibility.  We are getting ready to move into a new house, and the last four weekends have been full of heavy labour.  Last weekend my father helped me to  pull up the carpet from all of the rooms upstairs and we made a couple of runs to the dump to get rid of all of it.  I left the “easy” stuff for later, the hallway and the stairs, because it’s a relatively small area that I can manage by myself.  Yesterday was the day that I made that attempt.
I attacked the job with pliers and a utility knife, and made almost constant use of the pliers to pull staples.  And oh, there were staples!  The stairs alone took me the majority of the day, and I was developing blisters before I was halfway done from the pressure that the pliers were putting on my hands.  Jodie and the girls came over later in the afternoon and I asked her to take the staples out of the bottom stair because my hands just refused to grip those pliers any longer.
The good news is that the carpet is all up now, I’ve filled the floor with new flooring screws to get rid of squeaks, and we’re ready to receive the new carpet this week (fingers crossed that it arrives before moving day).
The moral of the story:  hire a student to pull carpet from the stairs next time!

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