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Wake up your MCE for extender use

One very annoying quirk of MCE and extenders is that you have to leave your MCE machine on all the time.  This can become a bit of a power hog over time, so many would prefer that the MCE machine goes into standby and wakes up when someone wants to use it or an attached extender.  Alas, this is not possible.
However, and enterprising user has written an app that can run on your network and work around this issue.  Here’s how it works:

  • At least one machine in your network needs to be on all the time (for me that would be the server)
  • Install an app on that machine that will listen for the extender
  • When an extender tries to contact the MCE, the service will send a wake-on-lan signal to the MCE machine
  • The MCE machine wakes up and connects to the extender

Very cool workaround! 

Unfortunately the file attachement on the post seems to have gotten lost after the green button upgrade.  I’ll work with the moderators to see if we can’t dig that up.

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