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Toronto to Minneapolis via… Denver?

A few things surprised me today.  The first is that the Denver airport is seemingly in the middle of nowhere.  I just landed here and was surprised to see no mountains and little civilization near the runway.  I know they must be somewhere, because I scared the “spit” out of Jodie about 10 years ago when we drove through the mountains near Denver on a cross-country road trip.
The second surprise, although admittedly this one hit me a few days ago, is that Denver is on the way to Minneapolis.  Actually it’s not, but with the airlines doing a seemingly booming business these days and me needing to book last-minute travel, well, I guess this is what I’m left with.
It’s a good thing that I’m desperate for air miles or I might have to kick up a fuss over this inconvenient routing.  But if it gets me to elite status a little more quickly I’ll learn to love it.

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