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Is tonight telemarketer night?

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I’ve gotten four telemarketer calls tonight, and the night is still young. What’s up with that? I actually fel sorry for the poor bastards who get me on a night like tonight… Katlyn is with Grandma, Jaimee is asleep, and Jodie is at baseball so I am home alone and bored. Cheesy telemarketing plus google means that I get to have lots of fun and get an oppotunity to truly waste their time. The last call was for a vacation club with no strings attached. I led the guy along, got all the way to booking the appointment, he’s probably salivating over his pending commission cheque and then I had just a couple more questions.

“I was wondering if you could tell me the outcome of the following lawsuits that were filed against your company…”

“Would you agree with the label of ‘scam’ to describe your primary line of business…”

So on and so forth. Teehee! So who’s next? Bring it on!

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  1. Jerome Paradis
    May 25, 2006 at 3:04 pm

    I have some good time with telemarketers too.

    When I have no time and there’s no response when I say hello the first time, I know it’s a predictive dialer and that it’s one of them. In these time, it’s the rude and quick approach. I wait for the first words to be sure it’s one of them. Once sure, I cut in and say: “I am not interested, please remove me from your list. Goodbye.”. I don’t wait for them to tell a word.

    But, it’s much more fun when I have time to waste. I then get very creative. For example, I once again noticed the dialer delay. The caller asks: “May I speak to Miss XYZ.”. I answer: “No, you may not.”. And I wait… After a few seconds, he comes back from the shock and asks: “When would it be a good time to call her?”. I answer: “August 22, 2046 8 PM”. I wait…

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