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Life in the last few weeks

Cliff asked me the other night why I’d stopped blogging lately, and I was a bit taken aback by the comment.  But it’s true, and the sad truth is that I’ve gotten behind yet again due to the many other commitments in my life.  Hopefully though that will change somewhat, most notably I think I’ll be able to find blocks of time at the airport to blog. 

I’ve just installed my new Sprint Aircard which gives me highspeed internet access pretty much anywhere in the USA (at least anywhere that I’m likely to be traveling).   Here I sit in the C concourse of OHare, and now that I’ve caught up on work email I can post a little bit of on the blog!

HDTV shopping.  As part of the new house renovation we will be finishing the basement as a new home theater and I’ve finally been allowed (okay, allowed myself) to buy a new television.  Looking back on the last 30 years, I’ve come to the realization that I’ve never actually purchased a TV.  I got a hand-me-down from my grandfather that I used throughout university, I was given the old residence television when I was the RM at Laurier (the buttons are all smashed out and any remote we bought for it got stolen on a weekly basis), and we’re now using an old TV that Jodie brought into the relationship in 1999.  So where’s my TV?!?!  Well we’ve decided to pick up something a bit bigger.  I’m a thrifty guy, but want to get something decent in the 50-60″ range for the basement.  The location we’re going to be putting the TV does have some depth available to it, so I’m thinking rear projection of some sort.  Now sorting through all the technology to find the right one is a daunting task and I’m open to any suggestions my readers may have.

More later, my flight is now boarding.  Cheers!

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