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We bought a house!

Conditionally that is, we have a week to get it inspected and a month to sell our current house. So let me tell you about the new place…

It’s located on Randall Court in Milton, about a block from Katlyn’s school (when she starts school).  This is the same basic neighbourhood we were in before but a few blocks north.  We are not ashamed to admit that we bought it primarily for the lot – by Milton standards this thing is massive.  It is a pie-shaped lot with a very well landscaped yard.  The entire house is surrounded by very well done interlocking stone work including the driveway, sidewalks, back deck, raised gardens.  In the back yard to one side is a large oval above-ground pool, substantial grassy area, and as mentioned before a very large garden.

Now on to the inside of the house, which is not as well kept up as our current house but has a ton of space for us to work with.  The front area of the house is very nice with a tiled entranceway and space for a deacon’s bench which is something we’ve longed for at our current place.  Beyond a set of french doors is the large main hallway with very light-coloured hardwood and a staircase spiraling up to the second floor.

The layout of the house is best described as traditional, not open concept.  This works out well for us right now because the main reason we’re moving is so that we can find a good room to convert into an office.  The closed living room in this house suits that purpose perfectly, with a view out the front window over the porch and garden.  The kitchen is long and skinny, and we already have plans on how to change that at some point in the future but that will be a major renovation that we’re not going to be taking on right now.  The family room has a wood fireplace, which I’ve always loved but wasn’t able to locate the last time we were looking for a house; now I have my fireplace.

Upstairs there are four bedrooms, a long and narrow master with ensuite, two large bedrooms for the kids, and a smaller bedroom that will for guests.  The entire upstairs needs new carpet, which we’ll be taking care of before we move in.

The basement is largely unfinished and we’ve already begun working with our friend across the street who is a renovator to think of ideas how we might finish it off.  That area will be our home theater / recreation room once it is finished.  The cold cellar in the basement is I think the largest one I’ve ever seen.

Bottom line is that we can have lots of fun upgrading the house itself to our tastes over time, but the lot size is forever.  This house has the amazing bacyard that will be wonderful for our family as the kids grow up, works immediately for the home office needs, and has a ton of potential for use to fix things up.

Some links:

So, who needs a really nice 3-bedroom house in Milton?  I’ve got one to sell and I know a good real estate agent too!

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  1. March 18, 2006 at 3:50 am

    That is a very beautiful house. Hope you got a good price on that.

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