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How the story ends

Here’s the high-speed version of the rest of the Ottawa travel story…

Shortly before 4:00, I get a notification on my Blackberry that my 6:30 flight back home has been canceled.  This time when I call Air Canada though, I get their “We are experiencing high call volume, please call back later” message and can’t seem to get ahold of anyone to change around my flights.

So I made a reservation at the closest Marriott property with rooms available (downtown in this case), hopped in a cab and decided to take it easy for the night.  A few calls to my travel agent confirms that I have no seat, there is nothing available now until Sunday on either the plane or the train.  The cab driver informs me of some really bad accidents on the highways which solidified my decision to just hang out in Ottawa for the night.

Next morning, still can’t connect to Air Canada but I decided to check my reservation status on their website.  Apparently they booked me on an 11pm flight to Toronto last night but never bothered to tell me.  Oh well, I booked a car and hit the road – 24 hours after my scheduled arrival at YHM I pulled in with my rental car and headed home.  Thus is the life of a frequent flier I guess (the northeast blackout a couple of years ago was a far more interesting story, maybe I’ll tell that one sometime as well).

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  1. Nick
    May 30, 2006 at 11:03 pm

    Ok, so this is a warning to all those that work with Pete at Stellant. I worked with Pete for 5 years and travelled with him a reasonable amount. He has -the worst- luck I have ever seen of someone travelling. He tries to be saavy and beat the system, but it never works out. So much so that we always recommended NEVER to travel with him because you knew that you’d be delayed, cancelled, snowed in or taking the bus.

    If it’s random, then there must be someone else somewhere out there that wins the travel lottery every time.

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