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Restocking the fish tank

Katlyn helped me to rearrange the fish tank this week, using some of the new decorations that I got for Christmas.  The old decorations were looking pretty tattered so it was time to overhaul the tank.  The end result is good, with the side effect that now we can go pick up a new fish or two.

I keep African Cichlids, which are a very aggressive (and very good looking) freshwater fish.  Once you put them into the tank, they quickly establish territories amongst the rocks and decorations.  If you introduce a new fish into an established tank, they will most certainly have problems fitting in because all of the territory will have been claimed (I speak from experience) – the other fish will beat it up until finally it dies.  However, if you completely rearrange the tank you have an opportunity to introduce new fish since everyone is on new ground.

After the tank was rearranged and the filters caught up with the all the sediment we had stirred up, Katlyn introduced a new fish that she picked out from Walmart (start with the cheap ones was my thought there).  She picked out a bright orange little fish and took a whole day to decide on the name (she named it “fishy”).  As planned, the other fish were too busy trying to find their own territory to bother picking on “fishy” and after a full day of harmony in the tank we decided to introduce a second new fish as well.  Off to the fish store to find something more interesting, this time we came home with a pink and silver peacock cichlid.  We made our best attempt to get a female since the tank is already very male-heavy but at a young age it’s really hard to tell.

And finally, it looks like our female electric blue might be carrying some new babies in her mouth.  One of the other nice things about african cichlids is that if conditions are right they are active breeders so you get an opportunity to watch them breed and raise their fry.

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