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Laurier wins the Vanier Cup (and I froze my fingers off watching)

Jodie and I went to the Vanier Cup game yesterday in Hamilton, and it was c-c-c-cold.  For those who don’t know, Vanier Cup is the national championship for the Canadian University Football league.  Our Alma Mater has always been a big football school and while we were there we almost went to Vanier a couple of times.  Jodie vowed to dye her hair purple if our team ever made it to Vanier.

Well, they made it to Vanier this year and Jodie’s hair’s not purple.  I guess that’s what aging will do to you.  -)

A group of six of us went to the game yesterday including Jodie’s brother and fellow Laurier alumnus Jason MacIntosh.  Temperatures were a few degrees below freezing with just enough snow in the air to give some atmosphere but not interefere in the game.  It was a good balanced game with a great finish – with 19 seconds left in the game Laurier scored a field goal to pull them ahead to win 23-24 against Saskatchewan.

More info available on the WLU Athletics web site (which coincidentally is based on code that I wrote seven years ago and it’s nice to see it still in use).

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