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Halloween Tricks

When I was growing up in Chatham, Ontario halloween was a big deal for me as a kid.  Due in no small part to our proximity to Detroit, devil’s night was also pretty big in Chatham.  We got off pretty easily, neighbourhood teens would soap our windshields and one year there was ketchup under the door handles of our car (which to this day I actually think was a pretty good gag).  In Detroit the tradition is to burn down several buildings, so by comparison this was pretty tame.

Still, as a child I took up the cause and I remember spending one entire night hiding in the bushes trying to catch whoever was going around the neighbourhood vandalising people’s property.  I sat patiently under the bushes in my back yard near the driveway, beebee gun in hand.  It was a cold night, but I was determined to save the neighbourhood.  Lucky for the teenagers, I got tired and went to bed well before any would be making their rounds.  Actually, it probably was a good thing since a beebee gun could actually have done some minor damage if I was aiming it anywhere near their eyes.

That was just a fun memory that popped into my head.  Once again, I’m looking forward to Halloween.  The picture below remains as one of my all-time favourites and is a touching reminder of Halloween 2004.

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