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Freaking expensive cats!

A few months ago, the more adventurous of our two cats got himself into some trouble with his tail.  Some unknown force hacked it up pretty good; the vet stitched it up at first then decided the stitches didn’t work and amputated the majority of his tail.  I was a little shocked at the price-tag of that ordeal, but it wasn’t that bad.

So today a gust of wind caused the screen door to slam on our other cat’s tail which apparently caused a whole lot of yelping and panic in the house (I was outside at the BBQ so heard none of this).  It was pretty bad, much worse bleeding than the gash his brother got a few months ago and it was clearly peeled right back to the bone.  Yikes!

Yours truly had the pleasure of finding a vet who could do something about this on Sunday afternoon, and I did find one very friendly clinic open in Burlington.  Carted off the cat and after I agreed to their “$100 just to look” policy they quoted me stitches and anaesthetic for $600.  Six hundred dollars!  For what must only be a couple of stitches on a freakin cat!  So after I quibbled with them over line items and it was clear that the price was going to stay at that level, I told them to put the bandaid back on and we would take him to our own vet in the morning. 

IMG_3986.JPGLuckily, we got ahold of our vet on Sunday and he took Roo in.  I just got a call that after looking at the wound indeed stitches wouldn’t have worked anyways and so Roo too is losing a bit of his tail.  Lucky for him it’s just the tip, so he won’t look quite as stubby as his brother Crash.  The whole incident inspired my pumpkin design though.

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