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“We’re filming trains”

Yesterday I took the family out to Andrews Scenic Acres to pick a pumpkin.  To get there, you take a long winding road through the country just north of Milton.  The maple trees were all golden in colour, which made it a very nice drive.

Along the way, we spotted two men along the train tracks with a video camera set up just standing there.  Odd, I thought to myself, but continued on my way.  We spent about two hours at the farm, taking in their petting zoo, haunted forest, hay ride, and searching the fields for just the right pumpkins for everyone.  After we packed everyone back up in the van, we headed home and drove past those two guys again, who were still standing there doing nothing.

So, I slowed down and said out the window “okay, you’ve piqued my curiosity, what are you guys up to”.  Obviously insulted that I was asking, he turned to me and in a very slow, very deliberate voice said to me “we’re filming trains”.  Now it’s not that they’re filming trains that I found odd, in fact after he said that I remembered that train spotting is actually a pretty big hobby for some people.  But this guy was into it, and I had distracted him from his in depth hour of doing absolutely nothing while standing on the side of the road.  It reminded me, especially of the voice, of that really tall guy (Wadlow) in the Simpsons who gets out of a tiny car when Nelson makes fun of him.  “Do you find something comical about my appearance when I’m driving my automobile?  This was the largest auto that I could afford.  Am I therefore to be made the subject of fun?”

Wow, anyways we had a fun day and I’ll be posting some pictures shortly.

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