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Vehicle is unsafe to drive

My tires are getting a little bit bare, but I’ve been keeping track and the tread isn’t quite down to the wear bars yet.  In fact, the rear tires have a decent amount of rubber remaining.  I took my Jetta to the dealer the other day and asked them to rotate the tires to give me a couple more months before getting a set of winter tires.

Well, it turns out that I have an alignment problem and while the visible part of the tire has a decent amount of tread left apparently the inside edge of the tire was not only bald, but showing nylon cords and steel belt and pretty much ready to blow.  The VW dealer refused to rotate the tires, and gave me the invoice stating “Vehicle is unsafe to drive in current condition”.  I like my dealer alot and I’m happy they pointed this out to me.

“So just how bad is it?” I asked at the tire dealer on my way home.

“Well, as long as you stay of the 401 you should have a few more days.  Not possible eh?  Well, um, make sure you avoid any road debris on the way home” was the response.

I had already been doing some research on tires and decided on a set of Nokian WR tires, based on some very good reviews (another one here).  I think they’ll be the perfect tire for this climate, they’re a high-speed all-season tire and the only one that I know of that also gets the winter service emblem from the government.  Basically, it’s a really good all-season tire that performs better in the snow and ice than some snow tires do.

The new boots are on the car, and they seem pretty good so far but they’ve only been on for about 12 hours.

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