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Update Rollup 2 – Series conflicts with self bug

No, you’re not going crazy if you run into this, there is a nasty EPG bug that I found (actually Jodie found it) late in the beta cycle that still exists in the released version of Update Rollup 2.  The bug is logged with Microsoft but at this point I don’t have any insight into its progress.

Here’s what you might notice:

  • You set up a series to record every day.  That series gives you descriptions for the next 5 days or so, but everything after that gets a generic description.  For example, a talk show might actually contain the name of the guests for shows that are a week out but just give you the generic “Dr. Phil gives advice to crazy people, most likely blames the husband thereby keeping his core stay at home mom demographic happy that their problems can’t possibly be their own fault.”
  • Things go fine for a week or so
  • After about a week, that generic description gets replaced in the guide by a more specific description.  For example, it now reads “Dr. Phil challenges the Smith family to lose 300 pounds each, including the dog.”
  • Suddenly you notice that it is now recording Dr. Phil twice, using up both tuners to record the same show on the same channel at the same time.  Interestingly enough, each instance of the same recording has different descriptions – one generic and one specific.
  • Or, you notice that new conflicts are being reported and you determine that it is actually conflicting with itself on the same channel at the same time, although its other self has a different description.

In most cases I’ve come across this doesn’t cause much more than an annoyance, but the following things might get you into some trouble with the wife and kids:

  • A show doesn’t record because it was bumped off by a duplicate recording (ie the conflict actually bumps off something important).  This never happened to me, but is certainly possible.
  • Your hard drive fills up with duplicate recordings which deletes and older but in your opinion more valuable recording.

I record alot of television, and it really only presents as an issue with a few shows and not anything that I personally care about.  Series that will certainly have issues, based on my testing, include Dr. Phil and Days of our Lives.  Other series that are likely to have issues include Ellen, Tony Danza, The View, Young and the Restless…

If this bug caused these shows to never record, then I’d be okay with that.  Society as a whole would be better off.  But, if these shows are recording more than they should and bumping out quality television then we have an issue.  And indeed, we have an issue.

If I hear more about this bug I’ll certainly post back and let you know, but for the time being there’s nothing I’m aware of that you can do to rectify it other than the following workaround: stop watching crap television. 

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