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New phone at the office – Nortel i2004. Grrrr…

It really upsets me when things that are very expensive miss out on features that are commonplace in their poor cousins.  I’m hoping I’ve just missed some hidden features and maybe someone can point me in the right direction:

  • Caller ID log:  With every other phone on earth, when you see the message that you have n missed calls, you hit the up and down arrows to review that list.  With the i2004 the up and down arrows do nothing until I first hit “Directory, Down, Select, Down” to get to the call log.
  • Goodbye button is neutered:  Okay, I use the goodbye button (new name for the release button) to hang up calls but it is not picked up on universally as an escape key.  Throughout the interface I have to either hit the “Quit” button or search for “Cancel” on the LCD display which seems to be in a  different place every time.  Make “Goodbye” the universal escape key please!
  • Pauses in the autodial string:  I have a concall bridge that I dial into several times a day.  It is a 1–800 number followed by a passcode.  My home phone can insert a pause into the dialing string and make this all work, but it would appear not to be the case on the expensive set.

It’s obvious that Nortel is a hardware company who throws the wrong people at their software.  This needs work, and it’s not that difficult.  Pull together a usability study (I’ll even participate, they are just down the 407 in Brampton), put some emphasis on software, and you’ll get a whole bunch of happy users out of it.

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  1. Darth Sandmich
    March 29, 2006 at 3:38 pm

    I agree that the i2004 leaves something to be desired, but since we moved off 20 year old phones, anything was an improvement (I hate the fact that the personal auto-dialer starts at 70, and despite the plethroa of buttons, only one or two are programmable (on our sets, two for DID, two for Intercom, one for the hunt group my phone uses; so only one programmable button I guess, gee…)).

  2. Joe Perry
    November 9, 2006 at 5:54 pm

    I am right with you on your comments about the software design on these phones. I have been hunting for a PAUSE code — I have seen several cryptic reference to a macro that can be programmed in the console — but have not found anything that will work with my Autodial numbers. It is very frustrating – our Voicemail system has a four number access code, followed by a nine number username/password – my old phone let me program the whole sequence, but now I have to enter the longer one manually.

    It doesn’t seem like a big thing, but I am in voicmail a dozen times each day, in my job as a software designer…

    Let me know if you ever find a solution for this – It’s the little things that will drive you crazy (car keys, wedding rings, and missing pause buttons… )

    Thanks =- Joe

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