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I think I need someone to send me an HDTV

Given that things have been so quiet on the blog lately, I’ve been searching for a new feature article to write.  I really enjoy the shootouts that I’ve had in the past and I’m working with some of the vendors to see what else I can line up.

Whatever I do though, I’ll be missing out on testing the HDTV components though.  I think it’s important to many people in the MCE community to know how their output will look in high-def and how products work in high-def mode.  But the best I can do is my 32” Panasonic connected via SVideo.  And it’s certainly not going to happen given my current household budget, the daycare center seems to get all of my disposable income these days.

So, I think it’s clear.  For the good of the many, someone needs to ship me a high-definition television set.  42 inches should do it.  Email me for the shipping address.  ;-)

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