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Movies for Me will steal your money

I’ve been trying out various DVD rental by mail services to see how they all compare.  I’ve already tried out Zip.ca and like their service enough, but they decided to implement caps on their unlimited service.

So why do I feel it my duty to warn you about Movies for Me?

They’re right down the road from me, the website’s not bad, and the speed of service was about what I had hoped for.  I had read about some user reports (more, and more, and more) that it’s difficult to cancel and when you do, they keep your money anyways.  I figured they must be isolated incidents and proceeded with some extra caution but gave them the benefit of the doubt.

So how’d the trial go?  Great.

How’d the post-trial experience go?  Traumatic.

I couldn’t find information on their web site to cancel, so I clicked onto their convenient IM support window.  The support person provided me with an 800 number.  Fair enough, I called the 800 number and spoke to someone who was very nice and sounded very genuine.  He wanted to know why I was cancelling and asked if I could suggest any improvements to their service.  I shared with him the bad press they’d been getting on the internet about billing practices and asked him to ensure that I would not be billed.  He supposed that those people who were billed maybe didn’t cancel before the end of the trial but that wouldn’t be a problem for me.

Some days pass – I get billed for a month’s service.  Huh?  An email to Movies for Me informs me that they hadn’t received all my movies back yet but as soon as they received them I’d get a credit.  Must be stuck in the mail

Some weeks pass – no credit.  I send them another email asking what’s up.  They say they will send it to their billing department to look into.

Some more days pass – my wife notices yet another charge to the credit card for another month of service I am not receiving.  By this point the original charge is in dispute with Mastercard but the new one can’t be disputed for another month. 

So we reach today.  I have urged Movies for Me to correct the problem and convince me that they’ve corrected the problem.  Someone probably needs to get fired in my opinion, someone who is not doing their job in billing or cancellations.  If they convince me that they’ve fixed this egregious issue I will come back and sound the “all clear” to the masses.  But until that time it is now my personal mission to warn other consumers of the issue.  I’ve reported them to recol.ca for internet fraud, I’ll be calling the Better Business Bureau, and I’m looking for all of the other avenues to alert the public to these predatory and illegal billing practices.

When someone takes my money without providing anything for it – that’s stealing.
When someone offers a free trial and then syphons off cash for months – that’s stealing.
When someone makes a promise that they won’t charge you a penny and they do – that’s stealing.

Beware of Movies for Me.

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