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Jaimee Elizabeth Near has arrived!

Jodie woke up at about 5:15am on Thursday with a “I think my water just broke” comment.  And so it began, we called in the troops to watch Katlyn (thanks by the way Jen and John for coming right over) and packed ourselves up to go to the hospital. They weren’t sure if we’d be staying in Milton or getting transferred to a bigger hospital – officially Jodie was too premature to deliver in Milton.  Labour moved along fast enough that transferring wasn’t an option, so we went ahead with the Milton delivery.

Mar 17 2005 025.jpgThis time around was very different from when Katlyn was born.  I (Pete) got to cut the cord, help keep the Jaimee calm under the warmer as they checked her out.  Jodie got to hold Jaimee as soon as she was born, which was a very rewarding thing to be able to do.  Everything was absolutely fine with Jodie and Jaimee, so we hung out patiently in the delivery room for a couple of hours before getting transfered to our own room.

Jaimee was officially born at 7:31am, at a weight of 5lbs 11oz.

I’ve started posting up images in the photo album, we look forward to seeing more visitors in the days to come.

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