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Retraction: XBox Extender Video Quality

After several weeks of use, I need to make a correction to the XBox vs HP Extender article that I published awhile ago.  In that article, I claimed that the XBox Extender had only slightly worse video quality than the HP Extender.

After having experienced the playback of much more video since the publishing of that article, I have uncovered two rather major flaws in playback quality:

  1. Tiling in dark areas.  Most noticeable on video recorded from dark sources, or generally dark scenes.  For example, Law & Order generally has many dark scenes that playback with horrible square tiles that can’t seem to lock onto a specific colour between frames.  The same scene on the HP looks clean and clear.
  2. Skin tone discoloration.  Blotches of colour appear intermittently on faces, usually of a coral or pinkish hue.  The same faces look fine on the HP.

I will be revising my review to rate the video quality of the XBox Extender as being inferior to that of the HP unit, and recommending that anyone who is interested in the best video quality lean towards the HP.

Since the playback is based on the decoding hardware in the XBox, I doubt that this is something that will be fixable in software (but have passed this up the chain with my Microsoft contacts).

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