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New ATI chipset – Could this be the next All-in-Wonder?

September 16, 2004 Leave a comment Go to comments

 ATI recently announced their new “Theater 550 PRO” video processor, an all-in-one chip that delivers onboard hardware encoding and decoding. 

While the All-In-Wonder series of video cards seem like they should be the premiere option for Windows XP Media Center Edition, so far the lack of hardware encoding has made them a poor choice for MCE (in my opinion).  I’m hoping that this new chip will serve as the backbone for the next generation of all-in-one A/V solution for Media Center. 

From the press release:

THEATER 550 PRO integrates:  

  • Next Generation 12-bit Video Decoder that features 3D Comb Filtering for NTSC and PAL and 5-line 2D Comb Filtering that delivers absolutely unrivaled video quality;
  • Next Generation Hardware Video and Audio Encoder with new features such as Advanced Noise Reduction;
  • PCI Express X1 and PCI interface on a single device to allow PC companies the ultimate flexibility in form factor designs;
  • Digital IF Demodulation that improves video quality and reduces the overall solution cost by eliminating the need for expensive tuners; and,
  • Worldwide multi-standard Audio Decoder.

They’ve also put together a flash demo of the features and benefits of the card, which quite honestly looks awesome!  Glad to see someone putting som much effort into this arena, especially in dealing with “real world” signal quality issues. 

ATI expects that cards featuring this chipset should be available later this year, let’s cross our fingers!

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