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MCE 2004 versus MythTV – Review on Anandtech

September 16, 2004 Leave a comment Go to comments

Thanks to slashdot for this link to a nicely done comparison of MythTV and MCE 2004.  As someone who has never used MythTV, I found it interesting to see what its strengths and weaknesses are.

My obvious bias is for the MCE platform, so I’ll point out just a couple of “corrections” to the facts that were presented in the article:

  1. MythTV has a third-party application that lets you schedule events via the web.  Actually, so does MCE.  It’s called WebGuide and is a great little app that allows you to schedule programs and watch recorded TV as well.
  2. MCE only uses limited certified hardware.  Kind of, this is reported as if it is some sort of MS bias which I don’t actually get from the MS team.  A design decision was made to use hardware encoders, and it has paid off in overall usability of the system and performance under load.  Quite simply, there aren’t many hardware encoders around these days (that is quickly changing).
  3. Transcoding can be done with MythTV.  Again, there are community-based apps that allow you to transcode the DVR-MS files as well.

Finally, if the rumored features of the next version of MCE are true then very shortly this review will be old news.  I did find this review to be quite fair and balanced.

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